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Policies and Documents

This page will provide access to certain polices and other documents that are most relevant to our parents.

For further information or to see documents that are not on this page, or to request any information in paper format (free of charge), please contact us at school.


Wheelwright Lane is a Community School and the Local Authority (LA) is the admissions authority. All applications are dealt with by the Warwickshire Authority.

Every school is unique in its ethos and values and it is important that parents choose the right school for their child. We would strongly encourage parents who are considering Wheelwright Lane as the school for their child, to make an appointment to visit the school and meet the Headteacher and see the school in action.

For information regarding the admission arrangements see the websites below:

Please also see the school’s Admissions Policy (above).

Learning Improvement Plan

Our Learning Improvement Plan explains our priorities for improvement during this academic year. Because we value everyone’s contributions to improving our learning we send home a family friendly copy of our plan which is written in family friendly speak. Our School Council use this plan to contribute to school improvement through their meetings.

Financial Information

We are required to publish financial information, in accordance with the latest Government guidance, stating how many school employees (if any) have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more:

Wheelwright Lane Primary School has no individuals earning over £100,000.

View our school’s financial data on the government’s Schools Financial Benchmarking website, and see how it compares with other similar schools and establishments:

Gov.uk Schools Financial Benchmarking