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Time at Nursery

Prices and Session Information

We offer flexible sessions to support your individual requirements. The Nursery offers a wraparound service both in the morning and afternoon to accommodate our families.

We can offer a range of session packages to suit your needs (depending on place availability). We offer both 15 hour (every 3 year old is eligible) and 30 hour free childcare places. Please speak to staff if you are eligible for 30 hours and we will guide you on how to claim this.

We also take children from the term that they turn 3 (2 years 9 months) and have a limited amount of two funded places, please speak to the Nursery Manager for availability. If you are not eligible for a two year funded place we do offer paid sessions (please see prices below).

Core sessions

Our main sessions are from 8.45am until 3.15pm however these sessions can be used in a range of ways. Please speak to staff as to how we can accommodate your needs.

  • Morning Session: 8.45 to 11.45am (£15 a session if not funded)
  • Afternoon Session: 12.15 to 3.15pm (£15 a session if not funded)
  • All day 30 hour sessions: 8.45am to 2.45pm (an additional top up until 3.15pm is available for £2.50 a day)


  • Morning sessions: 7.45 to 8.45am (£5 including breakfast)
  • Afternoon sessions: 3.15 to 6.00pm (£5 an hour)

Each session follows a regular routine which provides children with a range of learning opportunities and experiences where they follow their own interests and develop as curious, inquisitive learners. The staff support and scaffold the children’s development as they learn through play in turn enhancing the outcomes for each child within our Nursery.

The learning environment inside and outside is carefully designed to meet the children’s needs and enable them to make choices, and begin to care for themselves independently.


A small snack of fruit or raw vegetables, and a drink of milk or water is available to all children during the session. We ask for a voluntary donation of 20p per session to contribute towards the cost.

Lunch Club

Hot dinners are available from the school kitchen for the price of £2.25 each day. The dinners are available to order each morning. If your child only attends for 15 hours and you would like them to stay for lunch then there is a charge of £2.50 if a lunch is provided from home, or £4.75 if a meal is provided by the Nursery.

Please speak to staff about these sessions to check availability.


In Nursery we promote a good pattern of attendance. This allows children to settle effectively and build relationships with their peers and the adults in the setting.

For a child to flourish and learn in the nursery environment it is essential that they feel safe and secure; poor attendance disrupts their ability to do this and makes their learning journey more difficult and stressful. It also prepares them, and their parents, for school life where a high level of attendance is a legal requirement – 90% attendance is considered persistent absenteeism and can trigger involvement with outside agencies.

If you are in receipt of Free Entitlement for three and four year olds, or 2Help funding you will sign a declaration form that states that:

  • The child’s attendance must reflect an agreed pattern of attendance and should remain in force for the whole of the term;
  • The parent/guardian must ensure that claimed hours are fully attended. Persistent non-attendance of claimed hours can result in the funding being reclaimed from the provider.

The Local Authority audits our attendance registers annually to ensure that the free funding is being allocated correctly and that levels of attendance are acceptable.

Please ensure that your child attends Nursery whenever possible. Inform the Nursery at the earliest opportunity if your child is unable to attend by calling the school. If your call is not answered please leave a message giving your child’s name, that they are in the Nursery class, a reason for the absence and a date when they will return.

You are welcome to talk to the Head Teacher – attendance lead, if you have any problems or issues regarding attendance.

Nappies and Toilet Training

Some children are still using nappies when they start Nursery. We have changing facilities in the area, and ask that you ensure your child brings a bag with spare nappies and wipes to enable us to change your child as needed. The staff are also experienced in supporting children through toilet training and will work alongside you to support your child.

Information and Communication

Staff are available at the beginning and end of sessions for you to share information with, and ask questions, so please do let us know if you have any news to share, queries or concerns. If you need a longer discussion just ask to book an appointment.

In addition to daily communication about your child there are termly learning reviews (an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress) and termly parents sessions when you will be invited to spend some time with your child in the learning environment. In addition to this we offer parents sessions each term which gives you the opportunity to spend time within the Nursery environment joining in and celebrating your child’s learning.

Other information is communicated through the weekly school Newsletter, and text messaging.