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Pupil Premium

As part of Government regulations, schools are required to publish details of the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) allocated to their school and the impact this has on achievement and attainment.

The PPG is an amount of money that comes in as an extra payment to the school budget. The amount is given for every child who is entitled to receive the benefit of Free School Meals (FSM), regardless of whether they take up the free school meal or bring their own lunch.

We would urge all parents to check their entitlement benefit and if you are entitled to Free School Meals then please make sure that you claim the benefit as the school will also receive extra funding as a result.

School Overview

Overview of the SchoolAcademic Year 2022/23
Total number of pupils on roll218
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG35 children (15% of school)
Amount of PPG received per pupilFSM = £1385 | Post-LAC = £2410 | Services = £320
Total amount of PPG received for year£54,585 + Recovery Premium £4,350