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I was a pupil of Wheewright Lane School from 1950 – 1956. Lovely to see the School doing so well, I have many happy memories of my time there. I am now 77yrs old and live in New Zealand. In Queenstown,, Otago, South Island. We have lived here for 14 years, previously spent 30years in Coventry, working at the Dunlop in Foleshill , Employed as a Tracer, my drawing skills were encouraged at Wheewright lane School.

Rating: Excellent

Irene Smith (nee Oughton)

06 Feb 2023

My dear Dad, George Johnson, taught at Wheelwrights Lane for 30 years .. he retired after having a stroke round about 1980. He was the deputy head, running the school garden and being the one to prepare children for the dreaded 11+.  My brother Keith also attended the school for 7 years together with his friends Eddie and Robert. I even spent a couple of weeks there shadowing various teachers, preparing for my own career in education. I would welcome any memories of both my Dad and brother. Thank you.

Rating: Excellent

Maralyn Longman (nee Johnson)

21 Nov 2022

I attended Wheelwright Lane from 2004-2011 and loved it! I often talk about the ‘old days’ and laugh about all the memories I have there. It’s so nice to see that majority of the staff still work there! I’d love to come back and see what’s changed, would definitely be a trip down memory lane.

Rating: Excellent

Chantel Melia

03 Dec 2021

Attended in 1957 until age 11 when moved to Nicholas Chamberlaine. So so pleased to see the school is still going strong and is in good shape. My brother, sister and me enjoyed our time there. One day I will take a trip down memory lane.

Rating: Excellent

Helen Kriat

12 Jul 2021

I left this lovely school in 1962 to go to Nicholas Chamberlain and cried nearly every day of the 1st half term My claims to fame are breaking Mr Rowleys window when playing rounders and falling face 1st off the playground apparatus! Thereafter being called ‘swallow dive Nelly’ by Mr Griffiths! Anyone out there remember that? Happy days! Fond memories would love a reunion!

Rating: Excellent

Wendy Slevin nee Higgins

12 Nov 2020

I have very fond memories of this school which I attended from 1961-67 when I moved up to President Kennedy. From the outside it appears to have changed very little. I remember the house groups well they were named after Cars made in Coventry: Jaguar was Red, Rover (my house group) Yellow, Triumph Green and Vanguard Blue. Linda I think your sister Della was in Vanguard.

Rating: Excellent

Lynda Johnson nee Bowker

27 Mar 2020

I attended Wheelwright lane school 1961-63 when I left to go Keresley Newlands High school, and was in Mr Johnson’s class. I’m sure we had house groups could somebody help me as to the names please? Vanguard comes to mind but can’t remember the others.

Rating: Excellent

Linda Garrett nee Ash

01 Mar 2020

I was a pupil at the school in 1971 ish, would love to visit again. Used to live at exhall vicarage, my dad being the vicar.

Rating: Excellent

Simon Howes

06 Sep 2019

I was there till 1967, Mr. Rowley was the headmaster and after an unblemished few years, I was caught carving my name on a desk and was promptly sent to Mr. Rowley who gave me the slipper lol. A lot of years later Mr. Roderick took the photos at my first marriage. I always look back at my time there with fond memories, and had some good friends who mostly went to President kennedy and I went to Ashgreen.

Rating: Excellent

Paul Young

08 Oct 2018

I loved this school. We use to go next door were I learned to swim. My mum came to this school was Beryl Moore in 1941. I went 1962 Anne Jackson and my children went there 1982. There was Mr Rodrick, Miss Wales. Mr Jones. Mr Cooke. Mrs Andrews I loved the school dinners.

Rating: Excellent

Anne Douglas

04 Mar 2018

I attended your school from 1965-1971, then I moved to Norfolk. I am delighted the school is still going strong. I have great memories of my friends and teachers and loved school dinners. Mr Rowley was the headmaster. I expect that nothing is left of what I remember about the building and having separate entrances for girls and boys and separate playgrounds, not forgetting the outside toilets. If ever I end up coming back to Warwickshire I will definitely have to drive past. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year.

Rating: Excellent

Elaine Bould

04 Jan 2017

I used to go to this school and I try to find out what is going on now so this website helps me out a lot.

Rating: Excellent


22 Dec 2016

I am a yr 6 pupil at this school and this website is very good, like the school!

Rating: Excellent

Olivia Burrows

29 Jan 2016

Well done to all year 6 on their outstanding performance of Shakespeare rocks, we throughly enjoyed it especially the boys in dresses. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of the staff for all their hard work and dedication,help and support with my beth, I am sad she is leaving primary school but I am also very proud of her achievements throughout. We have had our difficulties, which we have overcome and I’m truly thankful to Mrs Browne for all her help and support in helping me, I didn’t in all honesty think we would get past it but we did. Mrs Browne is so supportive she goes above and beyond her role to help and support others a truly lovely lady of whom I will still have the pleasure of seeing her everyday in September thank you Mrs Browne from the bottom of my heart for everything. I would also like to thank Mrs Essex for her continued support over the year in helping beth and also Mrs Blour (not sure if I spelt that correctly).

Rating: Excellent

Julie Griffiths

15 Jul 2015

I was a pupil at Wheelwright Lane between 1946 and 48 when Mr. Ward and then Mr. Rowley were headteachers. Before going to college I also spent a year as a student teacher, which proved very helpful during my training in London. I’m delighted to see that the school appears to be going from strength to strength and would like to send everyone my best wishes.

Rating: Very Good

Pamela Williams (nee Price)

16 Jun 2015

I find the website very useful.

Rating: Excellent

Navleen Kaur Hayer

02 Feb 2015

Glad to see the school is still going strong. I was a student from 1955 to 1959!

Rating: Excellent

Roger Walton

04 Jul 2014

Really enjoyed the Year 2 assembly and think this is a great idea. Lovely to see the result of their hard work this term. The smaller adult crowd of more familiar faces seemed to be a bit less scary for the children to perform to.

Rating: Excellent

H Fulleylove

02 Jul 2014

A school leaver in 2002, now living in London. Turning a dull Monday morning into a trip down memory lane, it’s great to see this fantastic primary school doing so well! Also a nice surprise to see teachers still here from when i attended. A first-class website to go with a first-class school!

Rating: Excellent

Stuart Askew

09 Sep 2013

Both Beth and I enjoyed looking on the website, looking through the photos and looking at the drawings of the teachers you should be very proud of yourself. I very much enjoy working at the school at lunch time and enjoy working along side the staff always a pleasure well done!

Rating: Excellent

Julie and Beth Oakes

28 Apr 2013

Looks really good. Easy to use. Very colourful. Hopefully the children will enjoy using it. Just a quick question. I was a student at the school, leaving in December 1978. Moving to Cheshire with my family. I now live in Australia. I am just enquiring about an old teacher – Mrs Andrews. Would you have an information on this teacher?

Rating: Excellent

Lilian Shinkfield

20 Mar 2013

What a trip down memory lane with such an assortment of excellent photographs that capture just how much fun we have at school.

Rating: Excellent

Joanne Wiltshire

12 Jan 2013

Please could you list uniform outlets that sell items of uniform with the school logo on. This seems to be the only thing missing from this website. Many thanks.

Rating: Excellent

Denise Burnham Smith

28 Jul 2012

Just like to say that the mother’s day flowers were absolutely gorgeous.

Rating: Excellent

Linda Utting

20 Mar 2012

A lovely website, full of lots of useful information.

Rating: Excellent

Aman Kaur

13 Jan 2012

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Christmas Concert today. It was wonderful, congratulations to everyone! The website is very informative and colourful, and easy to follow.

Rating: Excellent

Irene Tyler

12 Dec 2011

Excellent web site – does the school proud. Just about everything is covered BUT hasn’t the school council met since June 2011?

Rating: Excellent

Pete Aldersley

18 Nov 2011

I really like the new school website it has all the information and is easy to use. Well Done!

Rating: Excellent

Harshiran Hayer

05 Oct 2011

Fantastic website, lovely to see how the children spend their days.

Rating: Excellent

Kim Baker

27 Jun 2011

We looked through the website together and was very impressed. Loved the photos capturing the special events that take place at our school.

Rating: Excellent

Kim and Connor Vallance

18 Jun 2011

Brilliant website, informative and easy to use. Great to see the photos from the seaside trip.

Rating: Excellent

Julie Fulton

12 Jun 2011

I really like the new website because it’s really colurful.

Rating: Excellent


12 Jun 2011

What a fantastic new look website easy to use with everything you need to know and fabulous pictures well done to all involved.

Rating: Excellent

Helen MacDonald

11 Jun 2011

My daughter Megan is in reception and wanted to show me her picture on the website as she is now in her words ‘famous’! Its a really wonderful site showcasing all that wheelwright lane has to offer. Fantastic!

Rating: Excellent

Nikki Smith

10 Jun 2011

Fantastic website, much easier to find out information. Well done.

Rating: Excellent

Julie Harris

10 Jun 2011

My son Josh from reception showed me the sight as he liked it. Very impressive, informative and colourful. Nice to see his pictures in their too and that he knew so much about all the school. Well done.

Rating: Excellent

David Smith

09 Jun 2011

Super new website! Easy to navigate, bright and colourful and captures the ethos of our lovely school.

Rating: Excellent

Ruth Ford

08 Jun 2011

I really enjoyed looking at the website, especially all of the fab photos.

Rating: Very Good

Jo Shreeve

05 Jun 2011

Brightened up a dull day.

Rating: Excellent

Kate Frith

29 May 2011

I am really impressed!! a lovely, colourful website, packed with information. Well done!

Rating: Excellent

Mrs Christie Smith

28 May 2011