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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.

In our teaching team we currently have Mrs Haughey, Mrs Conroy, Miss Harris and Mrs Corbett.

In Year 5 we are part of Key Stage Two. We link very closely with Year 6 to ensure consistency and to continue to move the children’s learning on.

In our classroom you will find an interactive whiteboard and our learning for Life information board about today’s learning, this week’s learning and this half term’s learning.

Our Learning

Read our Learning Webs to find out what we're learning in Year 5 (newest webs are at the top):

More about our learning:

All documents above are in pdf format.

Year 5 Gallery

At our allotment.
A violin concert at Christmas.

Painting our 75th Birthday canvas.
Dahlicious Dress-up Day.

Our Blitz Experience at the Cathedral.
At the Cathedral, talking to the fire warden.

Enjoying playground games on World War II Day.
Marbles! That brings back the memories.

Who's chapping?
Hmmm. Now what?

Solving maths problems.
Plus and minus 10.

Skipping in the playground.