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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

In our teaching team we currently have Mrs Hammonds, Mrs Pape and Mr Price.

In Year 3 we are the start of Key Stage 2. We link very closely with Year 2 and Year 4 to ensure consistency and to continue to move the children’s learning on.

In our classroom you will find an interactive whiteboard, cosy reading area and our learning for Life information board about today’s learning, this week’s learning and this half term’s learning.

Our Learning

Read our Learning Webs to find out what we're learning in Year 3 (newest webs are at the top):

More about our learning:

All documents above are in pdf format.

Year 3 Gallery

A variety of well made pots.
And 'up' said the teacher.

At the Botanical Gardens.
A dramatic situation.

Engrossed in his work.
George's Marvellous Recipe.

In amongst the plants.
Investigating the bones and the past.

Learning about the Stone Age.
Maths Challenge.

Doing mental subtractions.