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Welcome to the Reception Class.

In our teaching team we currently have Mrs Harris, Mrs Fulton and Mrs Edwards.

We have close links with our Private Nursery Provider and share the same outside classroom. Nursery and Reception form the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our learning environment is organised into the different areas of learning under the new revised Early Learning Areas 2012.

There are three prime areas of learning:

  • Physical Development with a focus on: Moving and Handling and Health and Self-care.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development with a focus on: Self-confidence and Self-awareness, Managing Feelings and Behaviour, Making Relationships.
  • Communication and Language with a focus on: Listening and Attention, Understanding and Speaking.

There are also four specific areas of learning:

  • Literacy: Reading and writing.
  • Mathematics: Numbers and shape, space and measures.
  • Expressive Art and Design: Exploring and using media and materials, and Being imaginative.
  • Understanding the World: People and communities, the World and Technology.

Throughout the year there will be ongoing observations assessing your child against the following criteria:

  1. Playing and Exploring – finding out and exploring
    Engaging - playing with what they know
    - being willing to ‘have a go’
  2. Active Learning - being involved and concentrating
    Motivation - keeping on trying
    - enjoying achieving what they set out to do
  3. Creating and Thinking - having their own ideas
    Critically - making links
    Thinking - choosing ways to do things.

Our Learning

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Reception Gallery

Adding totals in the brick yard.
Adding with numicon.

All aboard the train.
Arctic explorers.

Blasting into space.
Building a fairytale forest.

Building boats together.
Buying tickets to travel.

Checking the total amount.
Comparing 3D shapes.

Grrr at the Dinosaur Dance.
Matching numbers with numicon.

Measuring in the baby clinic.
Taking turns and finding one more.

Teamwork in the Healthy Food Cafe.

Textured big art.
Using logic and reasoning to solve a problem.

Wedding of the year.
Working in the Arctic Explorer shop.