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Year 3 are currently trialling for two weeks a web-based program called Mathletics, there have been good reports about pupils enjoying  maths both at home and at school and we are always looking for ways to engage our pupils further in learning. Visit, or it can also be downloaded for free onto Ipads from the Itunes app store, just search for “mathletics student.” Let us know what you think?

Just thought I would add that so far our pupils have earned 11 certificates,  we have also noted that pupils are unable as yet, to update their Mathlete Avatar on Ipads. We are going to extend the trial to our year 5 pupils over the weekend hopefully.

28th February. Key Stage two have been using this for a few weeks now, the reports back from both pupils and parents has been very encouraging. We have decided to purchase access for the whole school, so look out for the details coming to all our pupils in the coming weeks. Please leave us some feedback. We are now trialling the Spellodrome package for the  next few weeks.

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