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Just Seven More Treatments.

Hello everyone
Mums been showing me the schools blog I’ve seen the parents and teachers doing Zumba it looks fun but mum said its hard she can’t Zumba. Can’t wait to have a look at the t-shirt Alex designed I think it will be so cool.

The treatments continue.

I’ve just gone to the UF hospital for today’s treatment (24 June). I’ve only got 7 more treatments left and will be back soon. I’m still doing fine.

Missing you all keep in touch Aaron

3 Responses to “Just Seven More Treatments.”

  1. Julia Wall says:

    Hello Aaron,
    We are so pleased to hear that your treatments have ended. We hope you are feeling well and we miss you. Do you still like Mario, Sonic or Angry Birds? We are all really excited to hear you will be coming home soon and can’t wait to see you when you come back.
    Bye for now Steve,
    Everyone in Year 2 xx

  2. Connor says:

    Hi Aaron glad you are back at school now good to see you hope you enjoyed today’s lunch time when we coloured

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