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We Will Remember Year 5 Assembly


Year 5 assembly was based on remembrance day and remembering. The pupils showcased a number of activities which have occurred during this academic year including the Remembrance Day at the St Giles cenotaph where 1500 pupils from seven schools all came together to make the occasion one to remember. All the pupils spoke clearly and confidently and made the staff really feel proud of their performance well done year 5. As always a BIG thank you to all our parents.


4 Responses to “We Will Remember Year 5 Assembly”

  1. Emma Snowdon says:

    I was very impressed with how clear and confident all of the children were. It makes such a difference when you can hear clearly what the children are saying. Year 5 should be very proud of their assembly. Well done.

  2. Joanne Evans says:

    Another lovely class assembly from the children in year 5. Beautiful clear speaking voices which really did justice to the subject matter. Loved the way that all the children, including the very little ones, spontaneously joined in singing ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’! All the children had clearly engaged with serious and important nature of remembering WW1 and what it meant in history. Well done!

    • kfrith says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments, it means a lot to us all – especially the children, to hear what our parents think.

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