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Our Second Gold Certificate

Monday, 31 March 2014

About half of our pupils are now logging in regularly, this week 27 pupils gained bronze and silver certificates with Ritesh in year 3 gaining our second gold certificate. Well done Ritesh!


6 pupils

20 pupils



The highest score last week was Bisma with 8480, well done.

Please encourage your child to log in today.


Year 3 Viking Assembly

Friday, 28 March 2014

Yet another creditable performance by all our Year 3 pupils, giving them the opportunity to show their parents some of the information they had found out about Vikings over this term. All performed confidently and spoke clearly, which is a current focus for the school, brilliant!

A big thank you also to the parents for the fantastic turnout and their help with costumes (especially the antique furs) etc. through the weeks. We know the children have enjoyed this topic.


Mathletics update

Friday, 28 March 2014

Another brilliant week from many of our pupils. This week we had no less than 12 bronze certificates from our year 3 pupils. However there are still a few pupils who are not using the site at all. We do feel this a missed opportunity, even accessing the site just once a week would be useful.

Highest score last week was achieved by Rebecca in Year 6, well done.

6 pupils

40 pupils


Attendance WC 10th March

Friday, 28 March 2014

•Reception 99.3%
•Year 1 97%
•Year 2 95%
•Year 3 93%
•Year 4 98%
•Year 5 93%
•Year 6 99%

Average overall attendance was 96%

Attendance from WC 3rd March

Thursday, 20 March 2014

•Reception 95%
•Year 1 99%
•Year 2 98%
•Year 3 98%
•Year 4 100%
•Year 5 97%
•Year 6 97%

Average overall attendance was 98%

Safeguarding Children

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The school takes e-safety very seriously and we regularly include this in our curriculum throughout the year. In school we monitor the children’s access to all sites and safeguard them while on site. We are aware that there may not be the same level of monitoring at home and wish to support you in keeping up to date with the latest e-safety guidance from well-informed professionals. I am therefore quite concerned that we have had very few parents reply to say that they are going to attend our e-safety parents awareness evening on Monday 24th March at 6pm. I would strongly urge parents to take the opportunity to work together with us to keep our children safe online. Only this week, we have become aware of one of our younger pupils using a site that allows un-moderated video chat with complete strangers one to one.
Please come.

Largest total of certificates so far!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

We handed out the largest number of Mathletics certificates yesterday a total of 48. Well done everyone, any pupil who cannot get onto Mathletics at home is given time in school.  The highest score achieved was Bisma in Year 1 with an amazing 5220 points.

4 pupils

40 pupils




First Class Assembly

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

On Friday we were treated to our first class assembly, year 1 had been practising hard to get their words and actions just right. It proved to be very informative, with lots of details from their trip to the post office.  The trip was used to enhance their topic for the term, which was all about houses. We all felt very proud of how calmly and well they spoke in front of what was a very big audience. An excellent assembly Year 1 well done.


Mathletics helping results.

Monday, 10 March 2014

What another brilliant week, we were delighted when Mia, one of our year 6 pupils (who were all practising their Sat’s last week) said “one of the questions that was on the paper I had recently done on Mathletics, it helped me to get it right.” The school now has Year 1 – Year 6 pupils using  the site regularly for homework and lots of maths fun, it is proving to be a big hit. We have approx. 50% of our pupils logging in regularly, and just this week alone 28 pupils gained bronze and silver certificates with Aaron in year 3 gaining our very first gold certificate. Well done Aaron! Please encourage your child to log in today.


5 pupils

22 pupils


Year 2 enter the coding challenge

Monday, 10 March 2014

Last week year two took part in a coding challenge where they learnt and enjoyed programming a set of instructions to move characters onscreen. We felt they had worked so well it was worth an entry to the hour of coding challenge.

This year holds the important title of being the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web, the invention which changed the way people across the world interact with one another. The internet was first created by British engineer Tim Berners-Lee and is a powerful communication medium.

Through 2Code and other coding programs we want to teach the new computing curriculum with confidence, regardless of the level of coding experience. It will allow teachers and pupils of all ages to explore coding concepts that cover everything from algorithms to functions and variables. Since 2Code works on all computers and tablets, it is easily accessible from our learning platform .