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International Day

Friday, 3 February 2012

Today was International Day at Wheelwright Lane. All the children were vertically grouped equipped with passports to different countries around the world.

In France they looked at Monet, sampled French cheeses and croissants, building the Eiffel Tower and learned the language.

In Spain they were learning the language and cultures and imagining life in this hot country.

In China they were celebrating the New Year in style.

In Ireland they were learning about Irish dancing, the culture and making soda bread.

In Wales they were learning about national emblems and symbols and the significance of the dragon.

In Mexico the children made pinyatas, gucamole and salsa!

In Switzerland they learned how to yodel and make cuckoo clocks. I believe they were also comparing swiss and british chocolates!

In Germany they leanred the language, looked at the history of what was orginally two countries and sampled delicious food.

In kenya everyone was on safari and they learned how to dance a tribal dance.

Finally in Canada they were looking at Inuit art, totem poles and the climate.

A great day was had by everyone. Please look at the displays in the main corridor celebrating a successful day.