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Mathletics W/C 4th December

Monday, 11 January 2016

1 pupil, Prabh Yr 5

5 pupils, Anya Yr 1, Keertan Yr 2, Zain Yr 3, Jaslene Yr 4 and Olivia Yr 6

22 pupils



Highest class score was Year 5 with 25,281 and individual highest score was also from year 5 from Prabh with 2,552. Well done to everyone. Congratulations also go to Prabh for reaching his gold award.

Mathletics Hall of Fame

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Year 5 were busy in the I.T. Suite and at home working on Mathletics and were as a result featured on their website in 9th position as one of the top 50 U.K. classes. Well done year 5 its been a while since we were last on the hall of fame.

Mathletics September

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A good start to the new Mathletics year. Our year one pupils over the month have been working very hard and have managed to achieve 18 certificates between them the most from any one class. Year 5 managed to get the highest class score three times with a brilliant total of 23,972 week commencing the 21st. Also impressive was the high score of over 5,000 from Ashton G in year one.

1 pupil, Jaslene Yr 4

6 pupils, Karam  and Keertan YR 2, Saiya and Rhea Yr 3, Aaron K and Dylan Yr 4

63 pupils



Well done to all.

Mathletics 2 weeks w/c 29th June

Monday, 13 July 2015

A very quiet two weeks, but with the nicer weather – understandable!

1 pupil Zain Year 2

5 pupils, Gabriella Year 1, Jayden  and Aaron P Year 4, Rajvir Year 5 and Lucas Year 6

10 pupils



Well done to all.

Mathletics w/c 22nd June

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A quiet week but with the warmer weather perhaps understandable that being outside is more attractive. Highest score last week was from Moyo in Year 2, with the highest score for a class coming from Year 3 with 8,840.

1 pupils,  Arjan  Yr 3

14 pupils



Well done to all.

Mathletics w/c 15th June

Monday, 22 June 2015

A quieter week from all our pupils, the highest class score was from Year 4 with 6,864 and the highest individual score was from Moyo in Year 2 with 2,090. Well done to everyone who logged in last week.

1 pupil, Haydon in Year 3

15 pupils



Mathletics w/c 1st June

Monday, 8 June 2015

A very busy week from our year 3 pupils, altogether they gained 13 certificates –  the highest class score with 29,212 and the highest individual score from Rimun with 6,196. Hope this spurs a few more classes on to better those results.

0 pupil

3 pupils, Dylan and Noah  in Year 3 and Manveer in Year 4

17 pupils



Well done to all.

Mathletics results over the holiday

Monday, 1 June 2015

We had a further gold award over the past 2 weeks, well done to Arjan in Year 3.  Year 3  top the class table with 13,143, points and the highest individual point score comes from Abigale in Year 3 with 5,812, which I think might be the highest this year.

1 pupil, Arjan Year 3

10 pupils, Charley & Miguel Yr6, Libby & Aaron P Yr4, Emma & Abigale Yr3, Moyo, Saiya & Zain Yr2 and Isabelle Yr1

21 pupils



Well done to all. Especially those who took the time to use Mathletics over the holiday week.

Matheltics W/C 4th May

Monday, 11 May 2015

We have two gold awards this week, Aaron K in Year 4. and Karam in Year 1.  Year 6  top the table with 14,524 (a last push before Sats week) the highest individual comes from Amrina also in Year 6 with 2,607.

2 pupil, Manveer Year 4

1 pupil, Jenna Year 6

20 pupils



Well done to all.

Mathletics w/c 25th April

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mathletics I thought a bit of a push for our Mathletics program this week would be a good idea as the number of pupils accessing it seems to be dropping.

Well done to Sam I, Rajvir and Jorja.

2 pupils, Sam I in Yr 4 and Rajvir Yr 5

16 pupils



The pupil with the highest score this week is Jorja in Year 2 with 4,170 and Year 2 had the highest class score overall with 12,253.

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