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Aims and Values

Wheelwright Lane Primary School - Learning for Life

Wheelwright Lane Primary School is a place where a high emphasis is placed on children’s learning. This is not just their academic achievement but their all-round development into adaptable, responsible well-mannered people who are well equipped with the skills needed in today’s society.

We also place a high emphasis on children being independent learners, with the ability to fit into future society and the future workplace.

Our Aims and Values

Wheelwright Lane Primary School is a happy, caring community of learners where all are welcome and valued.

We aim for our children to achieve high levels in English and Maths during their time here and to be challenged to achieve their best through quality teaching and high expectations from all members of staff. We also aim for them to speak clearly and articulately in a variety of situations, enabling them to build confidence and become good communicators.

Our new curriculum reflects our aim to widen children’s knowledge and understanding of the world. We engage children in their learning through a wide variety of planned and spontaneous experiences relevant to their own lives and the communities they live in. We also recognise that our children need opportunities to experience the wider world through multi-cultural activities, arts and music.

We recognise the importance of partnerships with parents and the community so we provide opportunities for our children to present their learning at termly assemblies where everyone has a chance to shine, and share and showcase their learning.

Learning for Life

At Wheelwright Lane we believe that children need to develop positive Learning Behaviours that will equip them to deal with the challenges they will face and to enable them to lead happy and enriched lives. With the children’s help we have developed the following Learning Behaviours which children will be encouraged to use throughout their time here and in the future.

We want all our children to be:

  • Good communicators: We use precise vocabulary to explain our thoughts. We listen and respond appropriately.
  • Independent: We choose our own resources. We can find support and information.
  • Motivated: We want to learn new things. We give and accept advice to improve our learning .
  • Determined: We try different ways to solve a problem. We never give up.
  • Curious: We notice the world around us. We ask lots of questions.
  • Active: We make links and spot patterns. We are engaged in our activities.
  • Brave: We know mistakes are learning opportunities. We are not afraid to try something new.
  • Collaborative: We learn with, and from, others. We respect all views and differences.

Learning Behaviours

Learning Behaviours