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Parents' Association

Wheelwright Lane’s Parents’ Association’s aim is to work to help the school with all those bits and pieces that the state funding just doesn’t cover.

Items purchased for the school include:

  • kitchen tables and chairs;
  • kitchen equipment;
  • recorders for all children in Years 3 and 6;
  • contributions towards school reading books;
  • contributions towards school trips;
  • making arrangements for Santa and his helpful elf to pop by at the Christmas fair!

The Parents’ Association is a friendly, unpressured group, which works to enhance the school experience for our children and organise social fun events for everyone. Undoubtedly the most public of these is the Christmas and Summer Fair celebrations, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day presents and the end of year event for our Year 6 leavers.

These would not take place without their funding, support and commitment.

We would love you to help out if you can, or take a more organisational role, but we know life can be hectic. If you would like more information, come along to the next meeting, or ask to talk to a committee member. We will always be happy to chat.

Parents' Association Newsletters


All newsletters are in pdf format.

Parents' Association Funded Items and Events