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Event - Year 1 Visit St Giles Church

4 March 2014

We all walked down to the church yesterday where Andrew the vicar met us. He talked about Jesus, God and St Giles, and showed us all round the church. We were visiting the church as part of our houses topic, "and the church is the house of God" said Jack.

Before we went into the church we saw a statue of St Giles above the door. Eve remembered "he had an arrow in his chest when he protected the deer".

Inside we saw lots of stained glass windows. "The beautiful colours made me feel happy" said Niamh. We were shown the ropes used to ring the big bell. "They make a ding dong sound" said Thomas. "The pulpit is where the vicar stands and talks to the people who come to the church" remembered Zain.

The alter cloth gets changed throughout the year, and the lectern was very shiny; it is made out of metal and is used to hold the heavy bible. "It needs to be polished to stay shiny" said Abbie.

St Giles statue. You can see the arrow.
The pulpit where the vicar can use the microphone to make his voice louder.

The lectern.
The pews. The wood looks very old.

The Vicar telling us about St Giles.
One of the lovely stained glass windows.

The ropes used to ring the big bells.