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Event - Science Week

19 to 23 May 2014

During the week of 19th May, the whole school explored the grounds in and around our school.

The children joined classes with their reading buddies to focus on different areas of science. They identified the trees within our school and discovered that the most common tree was the Birch, closely followed by the Ash tree. Some children thought that Ash Green might be named that because of the Ash trees.

Many classes also took a thinking walk to Prologis Park to look at the different habitats found there and compare them with those found around the school.

Year 1 and 5 walked to the allotment to identify different types of plants and what they need to grow well.

Year 6 were the newspaper reporters for the event and will report back on their findings!

Discovering our school grounds.
Year 1 identifying different flowers in our school grounds.

Nature detectives on the look out for leaves.
Year 2 hugging a tree!

Year 1 following instructions to make Mr Greenhead.
Look at Year 1's finished Mr Greenheads!

Year 4 and 2 exploring habitats at Prologis Park.
Year 1 and 5 walked to our allotment.