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Event - Healthy Day

21 June 2013

On our Healthy Day, all of our activities were about making healthy choices.

Russ, the samba man came and shared his drumming skills. He told us about samba schools in Brazil. He brought a variety of drums for us to try in our workshops. Classes 4, 5 and 6 from Exhall Grange came to join us.

In Year 1, we went to Exhall Grange for the morning. Our activities were baking, music-making and a healthy friendships treasure hunt.

Year 2 had the chance to be cheerleaders! Mrs Wall showed us how to make healthy snacks.

Year 3 and Reception class paired up for bootcamp, dancing and scrumptious smoothies!

Year 4 hosted four children from Exhall Grange. They had fruity fun, made carnival masks and played games together.

Year 5 worked with their Class 5 pals to make banana muffins, and did PE activities together.

Year 6 looked at fruit from around the world, and enjoyed drumming together.

With our friends from Exhall Grange.
Samba time.

Samba sessions were a big hit.

Dancing and moving.
Healthy sandwich making.

Boot camp press-ups.
Boot camp finished!

Teamwork on the mixing..
Cutting and chopping.

Frothy and delicious.
Can I have some more please?