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Event - A Trip to the Gurdwara

25 March 2015

When we arrived at the Gurdwara we saw an orange Nishen Sahib flag. Next we went inside the Gurdwara and took our shoes off and put them on a shoe rack, then we washed our hands.

After we lined up with our partners the man told us where to go. Next we went upstairs to the prayer hall where we saw a man waving the chauri to keep the book cool and we saw a man reading the Guru Gran Sahib.

Then we went to the golden bed. Then we went to the langar where we sat down and the man gave us all a packet of cheese and onion crisps and a drink of Ribena. Finally we went to the toilet and after that we put our shoes back on and back to school on a coach.

by Thomas P, Year 2

The shoe rack.
Where are we going first.

Its a big room.
How amazing it all looks.

Listening carefully.
Keeping the book cool.

The Golden Bed.
Crisps and a drink.