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Aaron’s Treatment

After a long 23 hours journey we made if safely to Jacksonville Florida. We have been here for 4 weeks now and Aaron is counting down the weeks till he goes home.
Aaron has had lots of appointments with the doctors over the past weeks. They made Aaron’s special mask which he has to wear when he has his treatment to keep his head still.
The doctors say Aaron will have to go in the special machine 30 times.

Treatment started on Monday 20th May at 3.15 that’s 8.15pm to you as we are 5 hours behind you at home. The doctors put Aaron to sleep for his treatment because trying to keep still at the age of 7 is hard.
Aaron is doing very well and is able to go back to the apartment once he wakes up.

9 treatments done only 21 to go.

2 Responses to “Aaron’s Treatment”

  1. Helen Macdonald says:

    Stanley is missing Aaron and cant wait for him to be back at school. Great to hear from you x

  2. Mrs Shreeve says:

    Lovely to see Aaron looking so cheerful (as usual!). Great to hear that things are going well. Best wishes to all the family.

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